Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stan Getz & João Gilberto - Getz/Gilberto

Its hard to rightfully say what this album has meant to me in my life. Or that sensation I received when I heard it for the first time. Like meeting someone for the first time know you've met somewhere before but you cant place them. Not only that but you have the overwhelming feeling that your already great friends. This is what it means to me.
I understand this was not the beginning of Bossa Nova as a genre. As by the this was released in 63 Bossa  Nova had already a glut of contenders. This was a synthesis of efforts by some of the greatest players of their respective genre's. It matters not what you enjoy this is the sound of calm night descending upon your heart. I urge each and everyone to not be enchanted by this important and astounding release.


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