Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tears for Fears-Head Over Heels

Ananda was right; she posted this as a response on my initial Tears for Fears post through the facebook group page. I had stopped at home after work, making a deal to leave early on Easter Sunday to arrive at 2 to my family party instead of 3:30 in exchange for shrimp, and when i was changing before preparing the shrimp for travel, i checked our facebook and blog and ananda had responded, saying "yeah everybody wants to rule the word is sweet, but Head over Heels is my song". I flipped to it in my iPod when i got to my car to leave for the shrimp delivery, and immediately recognized it was that-awesome-song-from-Donnie-Darko. Hell yeah this is the jam, and i was right; i knew i would be hearing songs again and saying "aw shit, so THIS is tears for fears!"

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