Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Grand Rapid City Lipdub 2011

it is blowing up real fast since memorial day weekend, but im not sure how many of you swords dudes had seen the craziness that is the grand rapids lip dub. I know I hadnt until earlier today when i heard about it on NPR. The story went that recently, a list came out of the Top Cities in Fast Decline, and Rapid City was near the top of the list. The citizens of Rapid City said fuck that, and a local filmmaker gathered $40,000 and the support of the city to put together the most intense, single shot lipdub video of all time. And this didnt just reach to the citizens of the city; the government was involved, as well as local police and firefighters, business owners, artists, nerf gun enthusiasts, etc. Everyone represented themselves to unite and give a big FUCK YOU to the world that saw them in decline.

And i mentioned, it is a single shot; 10 minutes long, and one continuous shot of so many crazily arranged things. The undertaking of this project was a daunting idea, but holy shit did they pull it off. Not to mention the nurf gun fight on the bridge all Braveheart style.


  1. I couldn't sit through more than 2 minutes of this shit. I'm guessing Grand Rapids really fucking sucks.