Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Edan- Primitive Plus 2002

Instead of posting something old but new to me that a friend had recommended, this is some hip hop from my own library that i have loved for some time now. I believe it was Metaghost (or possibly my pal kurt from school) who introduced Edan to me; i remember distinctly listening to Primitive Plus with friends of kurt at his apartment, but i think i was familiar with it beforehand. Either way, Edan was a berklee cat who specialized in producing and staring in his hiphop jams, and soon after leaving the school released Primitive Plus, his second album. It is straight oldschool style with classic ingredients; great drums, excellent production, nice use of samples, and a smooth MC full of hilarious lines.

The track i have to share with you is Run That Shit, near the 2/3rd of the album; a nice relaxed tune about how the best way to get things you want is to steal it from people, "whether stranger, relative, a friend or foe/ i like jackin' mothafuckas when i need some dough". The lyrics first explain themselves, and then go into 3 verses detailing different situations you might be in where you just might jack a motherfucker. Shit is just straight hilarious:

"your pet dog? run that shit. your earrings? run that shit. your little brother? run that shit." Great outro.
primitive plus


  1. good shit. had not heard this one before. Beauty & The Beat is quite good also

  2. oh fuck yeah, that had been called the Sgt. Peppers of hiphop when it came out, and i do believe it does deliver. ill be writing it up in the future, figured it needed its own post but im glad you found it mang :)