Friday, June 3, 2011

The Foreign Exchange- Authenticity 2010

I have mentioned Little Brother in previous posts, as well as featuring some Strong Arm Steady in a madlib mix post, and both showcase the excellent harmonies that singer Phonte would kick out on all kinds of jams; dude is a melodic, harmonic vocal master, and at some point in the early 2000s, Phonte connected with a dutch producer named Nicolay through the Okayplayer message boards, and soon the two pulled a Postal Service style exchange of instrumentals/ vocal takes (the name The Foreign Exchange stemming from this strange musical connection), and put together their first album Connected in 2004.

That background was unknown to me completely until about 8 months or so ago, when Metaghost shared the info that Gav Castleton and Wallpaper were flipping their shit about Authenticity, the 3rd release by The F. Exchange. Meta showed me a few tracks in passing, between other songs by other artists he had been putting on deck for me for a while, and unfortunately they happened to get lost in the shuffle of all these new tunes. But they kept coming up, and finally, around March, i picked up the album at ol' Newbury Comics. The production, again, provides a well composed backing to Phontes god-given skills of writing some seriously catchy hooks. Phonte takes center stage for a majority of the work, with a few guests popping in, but focusing on the smooth R&B soul style of verse/ chorus that Phonte is known for.

I want to share with you track 7 off Authenticity, Maybe She'll Dream of Me, a song about longing for someone in a lyrically sad yet hopeful tone. Another key track is Everything Must Go if this tickles your fancy:


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